Author archives: David Sutton

  • Zane!, Why Not and Edgar

  • A few days after I got my puppy, Zane!, he stepped off of the curb and into the street. A non-event, really. There was no traffic, no immediate danger. He was on a leash. A quiet neighborhood on a sunny summer afternoon. In that moment, though, I grasped the potential for heartbreak, for the sad[...]
  • Bringing Smiles to Blum

  • Bigger. Sometimes it is better. My portrait displays have been livening up the waiting area at Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago for more than a decade. Blum’s practice manager recently approached me about helping with a remodeling project which would change their entryway and improve their wait[...]
  • Into The Room

  • Tom Segal is a partner at Kaufman-Segal Design, an award-winning interior design firm in Chicago. Tom discovered my work at a silent auction and brought his basenji, Brody, in for a portrait sitting in 2007. Tom believes residential interior design should tell his clients’ own stories. “The d[...]
  • November 2016 Newsletter

  • Gratitude has become a daily practice for me, and this practice has made my life richer. Since my clients frequently top the list of things for which I am grateful, I've decided to share some of them with you this month. Read the November Newsletter here.
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