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  • Growth Business- Steal This Idea

  • I just got back from a weekend retreat with my family. The retreat took place in a lovely summer-camp type setting. On Saturday night a handful of us baby-boomers stayed up late playing guitars and singing. As several of us crammed ourselves as close as we could around a music stand, being  careful [...]
  • Podcast Report, Memory and Forgetting

  • I’ve been listening to a series of podcasts of a program called Radio Lab, which is produced by radio station WNYC in New York. Each program offers a fascinating exploration into a single science topic. Radio on demand. What a concept! These sixty-minute podcasts fit perfectly into a day’s co[...]
  • Canon G9, my "point -'n- shoot"

  • It’s not quite fair to call the Canon G9 a point-n-shoot. It was clearly designed with the professional or very serious amateur in mind. With a 12 megapixel sensor and RAW capture capabilities, the G9 provides a way for serious photographers, professional or amateur, to easily carry a camera in thei[...]
  • Polymer Alley

  • It's scrap polymer season here in the Midwest. I just drove from Chicago to Indianapolis and back. It’s wonderful to see middle-America’s rich farmland stretched out for miles in every direction, thawed and moist, ready for planting. I was much more struck though by the mile after mile, ton af[...]
  • The B. in Between

  • I don't know why the legendary movie director called himself Cecil B. DeMille and not Cecil Demille or C.B. DeMille. I can, however, tell you how I came to start calling myself David B. Sutton. Well, it's my name for starters. That had a lot to do with it. When I was a kid, though, I was Dave. At[...]
  • Welcome.

  • I'm David Sutton and I own Sutton Studios, a photography studio in Evanston, Illinois specializing in fine black and white portraiture with an emphasis on dogs and people with their pets. I'm also the principal photographer there. In April 2007 Sutton Studios started publishing a monthly newslett[...]
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