Bringing Smiles to Blum

Bigger. Sometimes it is better.

My portrait displays have been livening up the waiting area at Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago for more than a decade.

Blum’s practice manager recently approached me about helping with a remodeling project which would change their entryway and improve their waiting areas. As part of the process, they asked me to redesign my displays.

Their architecture firm, Apex Design, wanted some eye-popping artwork. They asked me to replace my 24” x 24” displays with new, 36” x 36” images – more than twice the total image area per print.

Advanced Imaging in Lisle does all of my photo processing, because their customer service rocks, and because they make me look great. They came through for me as usual, and the results are impressive.

Neil Buchelt, owner, and Jake Pakosta at Advanced Imaging. This print is a test for some 48” x 48” displays that will go into my store windows.

Advanced Imaging (Amanda included for scale).

I arrived at the lab to pick up the finished displays and discovered giant test prints of my images affixed to the lab’s walls, indoors and out. The otherwise businesslike facility looked festive, and that felt great. It was exhilarating to see my own pictures larger than life.

When I got to Blum to hang the new artwork, I was delighted to discover that their redesign included grey walls and black and white furniture, a perfect complement to the new display prints, and a fine compliment to my work.

Bigger isn’t always better, but sometimes it is.

Blum’s redesign included dividing the lobby into separate waiting areas for dogs and cats.

Drs. Natalie Marks and Julia Georgeson, Blum owners.

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