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  • For Zane!

  • I did not mean to become a dog photographer. Then one day, trudging against the undertow of a relationship's recent end, I met an eight-week-old Border Collie/Cattledog cross. I took him home, named him Zane!, and things began to shift. Important things. His presence in my life and my commitment [...]
  • Never Work With Animals or Children

  • "Never work with animals or children." - W. C. Fields. As a pet-centric portrait photographer, I work with animals and children all the time. Often at the same time. When people I meet find out what I do for a living- after they finish questioning my sanity - they frequently ask me, "Which [...]
  • Scent-Scapes

  • Why do dogs get such a charge out of sticking their noses out the window of a moving car? Are they simply enjoying the feel of wind in their faces, flapping their ears to the point of almost-takeoff? I don’t think that’s it at all. Allow yourself to quasi-experience the window rush from a dog’s p[...]
  • Black & White, at The Movies

  • A little while back I had the flu (yes, that flu) so I set up camp on the couch, and took the opportunity to revisit a couple of my favorite films, La Jetée by Chris Marker and Don't Look Back by D. A. Pennebaker. The two films haven't much in common save for that both of them offer pleasures to fan[...]
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