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  • Zane!, Why Not and Edgar

  • A few days after I got my puppy, Zane!, he stepped off of the curb and into the street. A non-event, really. There was no traffic, no immediate danger. He was on a leash. A quiet neighborhood on a sunny summer afternoon. In that moment, though, I grasped the potential for heartbreak, for the sad[...]
  • Clients Write

  • "We lost our Sparky in August but I wanted to let you know how much we treasure our photos of him and the time we spent at the photo shoot.  It has helped my wife and me reminisce and grieve.  Thank you for what you do!" - MS
  • Rescue Tales: The Double Dip

  • Jess Craigie wants you to know, first and foremost, that she understands and respects the city's leash laws. Jess also wants you to know that she likes and respects seagulls as much as she likes dogs, and if her dog Moxie had stood even the remotest chance of catching a seagull that beautiful, Sprin[...]
  • Pet Bisnis

  • As the first warm winds weave through our neighborhood in early May, and I tend to some outdoor Spring cleaning, I notice two little girls making up games outside. They pause to chat with a neighbor out walking her dog. The lady walks on, and I can almost see the light bulbs pop over the girls' head[...]
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