Into The Room

Designer Tom Segal and Brody.

Tom Segal is a partner at Kaufman-Segal Design, an award-winning interior design firm in Chicago. Tom discovered my work at a silent auction and brought his basenji, Brody, in for a portrait sitting in 2007.

Tom believes residential interior design should tell his clients’ own stories. “The design has to look like you,” he says, “not like something was dropped from a magazine into your home.” He guides his clients to include artwork and artifacts that have meaning for them, personally.

Tom Segal & Brody

Segal’s Brody, relaxing at home.

Photographic portraits fit nicely into this concept because they bring meaningful relationships into the room, and are in keeping with Segal’s design philosophy. It’s important, though, that the artwork created also supports the overall design. Occasionally, Segal says, his team will work closely with a client to bring a project to completion “only to see the client add family portraits that are incongruous with the overall look.”

Your family portraits deserve consideration as artwork, integral to your home’s design. “David’s black-and-white portraiture is fun, imaginative, and very architectural.” says Segal. “The way David frames the shot, uses shadow, interesting angles and line really sets these portraits apart into the category of artwork.”

I’m tickled that designer Tom Segal features Sutton portraits in his own home.

Tom Segal’s home.

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