Little Mystic

grey cat curled up asleep in man's lap, viewed from overhead.

When she brought her elderly cat, Little Mystic, to the studio for a portrait sitting, my client was very cautious. The cat, she said, didn’t like ANYone. The relatives she’d brought along rolled their eyes in agreement. It would be best, she said, if just the two of us went into the studio at first to keep Mystic’s stress level to a minimum.

She did not have high hopes for the portrait sitting.

I had her position her friend on a small pedestal and spent some time watching, waiting, then shooting whenever an opportunity arose. After about fifteen minutes, my client excused herself to use the ladies’ room.

As she left, the old guy looked in her direction. Then, he looked right at me. Though he’d barely moved since we’d placed him on the pedestal, he stretched up, then stepped gingerly down to the floor. I sat cross-legged in front of him. He took three steps toward me, and stepped onto my leg. He looked up at me one more time, then he curled up in my lap.

When my client returned she was puzzled at first, looking around for her Little Mystic. When she spotted him on my lap she raised an eyebrow and said, “You must have a really good cat vibe.”

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